ULI Full Report for ReConnectRondo, Inc.

TPT/Almanac — “Plans for a Land Bridge in Historic Rondo”

ULI Advisory Services Panel - 3/23/18 Recommendations

D. Lynier Richardson, ULI Panel Chair

Marvin Roger Anderson, RCR Board Chair

Walter L. Smith III, RCR Executive Director

**ULI Recommendation’s Report to RCR - https://americas.uli.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/125/ULI-Documents/Rondo-Advisory-Services-Panel-FINAL_Web.pdf

**Met Council Awards Engagement Contract to ReConnectRondo -- https://metrocouncil.org/News-Events/Transportation/Newsletters/Council-awards-engagement-contracts-for-I-94-study.aspx

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If YOU plan to succeed in today's volatile business climate, INNOVATION, INTELLIGENCE and INTEGRITY "really matter"!  There are few "signature consultants" with the kind of ethic, excellence, and expertise that will accelerate your progress..

Reconnectrondo gets national backing..

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ULI Recommendations Report


WS-3 leads ReConnectRondo's -- 

Rondo Land Bridge Project

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National Recognition..


RCR's Rondo Land Bridge Project receives national support

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"Forward. Together."


The Rondo Land Bridge Project is an intergenerational effort

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